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Advice from local professionals

What are the advantages of working with an agency for professionals?

An agency for professionals serves to provide a springboard for qualified personnel to find quality employment. With Firme Brouillette, choosing cooperation for your schedules is easy. It is also having direct access to very competitive and advantageous salaries in specific fields. Choosing us means choosing a team at your service where the relationship goes beyond just a salary.

Why should I choose Firme Brouillette Inc. rather than another?

Firme Brouillette Inc. is one of the priority placement agencies and we are able to offer our resources and shifts throughout Quebec, Canada and soon in the United States. Here you will find an important relationship aspect and will have the possibility of being able to communicate with us easily.

Is Firme Brouillette a local or national agency?

 Firme Brouillette wants to be a national company that offers its services throughout Quebec and even in remote areas. You should also know that a division in the United States is being developed to soon offer remarkable working conditions including excellent benefits!

Do I have to give a minimum of availability?

No need! You manage your own schedule and availability on the employee portal.

How many hours per week can you guarantee me?

The guaranteed hours depend on your availability, the sector of activity, as well as the regions where you wish to work. For our resources wishing to work 40 hours per week, we have, most of the time, a wide choice of full-time replacements.

Do I have to work weekends?

No. However, some replacements require alternate weekend availability.

Can I be oriented/trained in a field where I do not yet have experience?

Absolutely! It depends on your availability, needs and skills.

Do you offer training?

Yes. We regularly offer training. You will find some for CPR, Bill 90 and many others. All training that can increase your employability can be at our expense, depending on the commitment and seniority of the employee who requests it. We also offer the possibility of having annual training for health personnel.

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