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Here are some of our satisfied employees!

“Very happy to have been part of your Firme Brouillette agency. You are very attentive to your employees and always ready to guide us and answer our questions. Good luck in your research and know that you do your job with care. Thank you to your team. Glad to have worked with you! »

Luce B.
Auxiliary nurse

“Since joining, I feel respected and valued. I have more freedom of choice given the schedules created from our availability! I have time for my family life and for leisure. Thank you for this approval at the end of my career which I have 34 years of dedication! »

Angela L.

“Congratulations for your dedication, your open-mindedness, as well as all the advice, information, projects that you take the trouble to learn, research and implement for us! Newly arrived I am proud to have joined you! »

Annic D.
Nurse in remote area

“It is motivating to work for Firme Brouillette Inc. The team accompanies us in our work and on a daily basis. I see the importance of doing an efficient job. I have confidence in the future of my employer. Teamwork allows me to meet numerous

challenges! »

Melanie B.
Beneficiary attendant

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